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Navtični WC Sanimarin 31

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Excellent alternative to hand pump products, the SANIMARIN 31 toilet is the prefect, simple answer to lack of space.

3 Control systems to choose : 

The electric switch COMFORT (SN 31 Comfort ) features 2 positions : a flushing positon and maceration-puming position. The duration of each cycle is controlled by the user to suit their requirements.

The push button COMFORT PLUS (SN 31 COMFORT PLUS ) triggers an automatic flushing/maceration-pumping/flushing cycle. The cycle lasts 19s and consumes 2.2l of water.

The electronic keypad LUXE (SN 31 LUXE) brings together all product functions, simplifying the use of automatic toilets.  It notably offers 2 flushing cycles: “Eco” (1.2l of water) and “Normal” (2.2l of water, which can be increased up to 3l), the “Tank Full” light helps you manage the Black Water tank and the “Empty” function to empty the tank in choppy seas.

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